Marianna Toumasatou: "They behaved in a pitiful way by locking the doors to girls"


Marianna Toumasatou was a guest on The 2Night Show and talked about the change that needs to be made on the occasion of the several complaints of women in the show business.

In fact, Grigoris Arnaoutoglou stood in an interview given by George Kapoutzidis, rushed by the fact that he must clarify the landscape for those who receive vicious comments and in general for the ease with which vulgarities are used against people.

The actress said: "I deeply appreciate George because his soul is so pure and pioneering, that I admire him even though we have not made much company… Those who swear and use vulgar words because so is their soul, it is not purer… Their behavior is far from the delinquent behavior towards a woman… It is different to write a text in a comment below because you always blame the one who wrote it and not the one who blames and the behaviors of the girls who locked her doors are different.

They were small and were treated in a pitiful manner, taking advantage of their young age. If you do it to an older woman, you are more likely to react. Lock his door to a 22-year-old… What did you say now? The way these people will be treated must be very strict. Not a bad time, that you drank. We are talking about a profession here. "

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