Julia Letlow wins northeast Louisiana-based US House seat


Baton Rouge, Louisiana — Republican Julia Letlow won easily in Saturday’s special election for the U.S. House of Representatives. in northeastern Louisiana. His wife, Luke, was included in COVID-19. The relevant committee died and could not be filled.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana — Republican Julia Letlow won easily in Saturday’s special election for the U.S. House of Representatives. in northeastern Louisiana. Her husband Luke was due to a COVID-19-related operation died and it could not be filled.

After the victory, Julia Letlow became the third woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. from Louisiana, and the first Republican woman elected to congress from that state, and she is now the only woman in the regiment to be a congressional representative.

He won 11 other candidates and won the fifth district seat in the elementary school district.

"It's an incredible time, and it's really hard to say. Everything that resulted from the tragic loss of my husband Luke became my mission to carry the torch and became a fifth place in Louisiana. The good people in the district are serve. " Julia Letlow said in a statement.

Former President Donald Trump congratulated Letlow on what he called an “incredible victory” because even though he ran in a crowded field, he avoided participating in a fair election.

Trump said in his "Save America PAC" statement: "I'm happy for Julia and the entire Letlow family." "The bottom is proudly raised from top to bottom."

Farther south, the race to fill Louisiana’s second congressional seat came to a close on April 24, but the seat will remain in the hands of Democrats.

Two Democratic senators from New Orleans, Troy Carter and Karen Carter Peterson, won the seat in the final after leading 15 senators. Since Cedric Richmond, a Democrat, is a special adviser to President Joe Biden, is located in the second district of New Orleans.

In Louisiana, all candidates, regardless of party, compete in the first round. If no candidate reaches more than 50% of the vote, a final election will be held between the first two voters.

Julia Letlow, with the support of former President Donald Trump, campaigned in her red zone after gaining approval from the Republican Party and raising more money than all competitors combined. For the first time, a higher education coordinator living in Start, a small town in Richland Ward, ran for office.

The problems she faced were similar to those her husband had discussed during the campaign. He spoke about supporting agriculture in most rural areas, expanding Internet access through broadband and supporting conservative values.

Governor John Bel Edwards congratulated Julia Letlow. He said it must have been a proud and painful day.

"After the tragic accident, he continued to show strength, perseverance and perseverance. I know that his experience over the past few months has made him a supporter of Louisiana in Washington," the Democratic governor said in a statement.

Luke Letlow died on December 29, just days before he was sworn in. Her husband announced his candidacy in January, a move that has discouraged other prominent Republicans interested in the seat.

According to data provided by the Federal Election Commission, Julia Letlow raised more than $ 680,000 for the game. The closest contestant in the fundraiser and second in the contest, Democrat Sandra “Candy” Christophe won $ 75,000. Christophe, a social worker in Alexandria, also failed with Luke Letlow.

The fifth district covers one or part of the 24 wards, including the cities of Alexandria and Monroe.

In the second district, Carter was backed by Richmond and won the support of large voters in most of the districts that crossed the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge.

Peterson reached the finals and barely reached Baton Rouge community activist and native publisher Gary Chambers Jr. If Peterson wins, she will be elected the first black woman in Congress from Louisiana.

The Republican-backed candidate is Jamaican-born Claston Bernard (Claston Bernard), who participated in the Olympics, ran a home surveillance company and lived in the city of Baton Rouge. He finished fourth place by far.

Major candidates in the Democratic Party have little agreement on policy, and reasons for progress, such as raising the federal minimum wage, expanding access to federally funded health care, and providing “ environmental justice ”for poor communities at risk of pollution.

Carter and Peterson are among the top residents and fundraisers, and they have fought hard. Carter accused Peterson of enacting education laws to benefit his wife’s work. They criticized the lack of votes in the legislature. Everyone ran for congress.

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